At IVEY, our approach encourages the children to be INQUISITIVE, INDEPENDENT and ENTHUSIASTIC in their course of learning. 


We nurture and develop young minds and encourage self-learning in our children through:

  • Reggio Emilia Approach
  • Dynamic curriculum based on Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) UK
  • A language rich environment
  • A safe, secure and stimulating learning setting
  • Great outdoor and spacious indoor learning space
  • Loving, Qualified & Well-Trained Early Childhood Educators
  • Low Teacher-to-Children Ratio
  • Dedicated, Trained & Loving Nursery Team
  • Healthy Meals prepared by In-House Chef.

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Give your child a strong foundation in life
Give your child a strong foundation in life
Give your child a strong foundation in life
Give your child a strong foundation in life

Welcome to IVEY

Welcome to IVEY – International Village of Early Years where our passion for education shows in each child’s joyful eyes, in each teacher’s inspiring voice and in each classroom’s inviting warmth. Visit our school and you will see how we are more than just a daycare or a traditional preschool.

At IVEY, we strive to provide an excellent foundation for our students, where learning is a self-initiated move for the child, anytime and anywhere. Such life-long appreciation for learning is essential to create a lasting impact on the child’s future development. The potential within each child is immeasurable and it is crucial that such potential is unmask progressively by developing the inquisitive mind into a young confident adult.

Our educational methodology, Reggio Inspired + Inquiry Approach, encourages the children to be INQUISITIVE, INDEPENDENT and ENTHUSIASTIC in their course of learning. Inculcating such learning attitude in them, we prepare the children for a life time personal and academic achievement.

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Our Approach

At IVEY, we lead our children to learning through purposeful play and discovery. Every encounter and the children’s routine are carefully planned to fit into our rich stimulating settings and mindfully lead by our caring educators. Children thrive from true understanding of the real world and hands on meaningful experiences together with their peers, teachers and parent.

"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn."

O. Fred Donaldson

The Reggio-Inspired + Inquiry Learning

At IVEY, our approach is inspired by the Reggio Emilia’s philosophy. We view every child as a competent learner, eager to learn everything surrounds them from day of birth and to shape their own learnings. We embrace the belief that social skill and knowledge is constructed through human interaction.

Our Reggio-Inspired + Inquiry approach provides hands-on and collaborative learning experiences that develops a child’s creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills. The children construct their own knowledge through social interactions and project-based investigations while our teachers play a crucial role by posing questions, problems or scenarios to support the children’s curiosities and theories.

In co-existence with our approach, Social n Emotional, Cognitive, Creative and Physical development for the growth of young children is intertwine in our daily activities.



Our curriculum, which is ignited by children’s ideas and theories, supports a child’s enormous curiousity about the world and enthusiasm for learning. Children are always viewed as competent and capable member of our community. When children are being surrounded with tools and materials, they will venture into their own wonders and investigations, effortlessly. Hence, developing their cognitive skills innately and naturally.

Social Emotional

Social And Emotional

Learning at IVEY is woven into the social context and enhanced by collaborative group projects and play through indoor and outdoor activities. The relationship between teachers, parents and school consultants provides a healthy climate for enhancing the innate potential development of each child. Caring educators and a family-oriented ambience is essential for social and emotional comfort of a child.



Expressive arts provide an avenue for children to symbolically convey their thoughts and feelings through verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as the use of their senses. Creativity is encouraged and supported through Reggio’s philosophy of "The Hundred Language of Children", which includes, but is not limited to, art, dramatic play, painting, music, construction, inventive writing and crafting.



Our spaces are equipped with open-ended materials and raw textures to provide organic vehicles for exploration and discovery. Large body and small motor opportunities are made available to meet the children’s wide range of abilities and interests to develop their physical skill. We believe young imaginative and inquisitive minds, along with its physical actions, create the most unexpected adventures on their own through supportive environments.

The Uniqueness Of IVEY Preschool

Diversed and Innovative Curriculum

Caring, Qualified & Trained Educators

Stimulating Learning Environment

Dedicated Nursery Care & Nutritious Meals

Our Programme

Our nurturing and developmentally appropriate programme are designed for children to explore independently and collaboratively with the involvement of teachers and peers.

Our project theme lessons, which are based on child – led interests that arise throughout the year, are designed to offer children opportunities to engage in authentic tasks and in-depth studies of concepts.

International Village of Early Years Preschool (IVEY)